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We offer high quality training courses to our members at preferential pricing which are designed to allow executives to improve their skills and abilities. At the Chamber or In-House.

In 2017, the courses are as follows:

Senior Executive Media Training

One good soundbite can bring in thousands of new clients, set you up for a promotion at work and put your company in the spotlight. The question is: are you already benefiting from this free marketing? Knowing how to make the most of an interview is a key skill for ever manager and executive.

English Writing Skills for Lawyers

This intensive and practical course will give you advice and tools to express yourself in a clear and efficient way in profesional correspondence and legal documents. As a result, it can improve how your clients and colleagues perceive you. This course is specialised for lawyers who already possess an intermediate or advanced level of English and wish to write more effectively.

Search Engine Optimisation

Nowadays, a presence on the interent can be the difference between success and failure for a business - but how can you compete with other companies that are already on the web? This course can help you modernise your operations so that you can make the most of this great tool.

Money Making Presentation Skills

This course will teach you how to make presentations that make you money. Attendees will use tools and techniques that have already had success in the UK, Europe and now Chile. Win sales, find clients and motivate your employees - this course is perfect for you and your company.

English Writing Skills for Business Executives

Focused on executives with a good level of English that want to improve the style and expression when they write in this language, to ensure that their emails and reports are 100% clear, concise and effective. The participant will gain greater confidence in their abilities and will also give a better impression to clients and international contacts.

English Writing Skills for Executives in Finance

The participant will learn how to write their mails and financial reports in an effective way with a good style, how to vary the expressions they use, and how to reconognise and avoid the more common mistakes. The organisation will benefit from the improved efficiency of the employee and also from a more favourable perception created by the well written documents.

Essential Grammar for Business Executives

Do you speak good English but you make mistakes with the grammar you learned a long time ago? If the answer is yes, then this intensive course will help you remember the principle grammatical elements which are very important to speak and write with confidence.


For more information, contact Paulina Galaz: or (56) 2 23704106.

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