Successful Business Writing in English

Intensive 8-hour workshop for professionals with a good level of English


This intensive, hands-on workshop will help executives with good English to improve the clarity, style and overall effectiveness of their emails and reports.  It will also give them increased confidence in their own abilities and improve the impression they give to overseas clients and contacts.

What will participants and their organisation gain?

Participants will learn how to write with effective style, how to vary the vocabulary and expressions used, and how to recognise and avoid common mistakes.  The organisation will benefit from the participant’s improved efficiency, as well as from the more favourable image generated by well-written documents.

Who is the presenter?

Mary Ann Chamberlain is British and has a MA in Literature from the University of Cambridge.  She worked in commercial and financial environments, both in the UK and Chile (British Telecom, Black & Decker, HSBC) before branching out to work independently as a Business English teacher and translator.  Through her company Writing Solutions, Mary Ann has specialized in helping high-level executives to improve their writing skills in English.   Nearly 900 executives have participated in her intensive business writing workshops from Chilean and international firms in a wide range of industry sectors.

What does the workshop cover?

Through a series of dynamic presentations, hands-on exercises and the analysis of their own and others’ mistakes, participants will learn:

  • How to write concisely and with good style (emails and reports)
  • How to distinguish between formal and informal styles, and how to vary the tone of what is expressed
  • How to compose effective sentences and paragraphs, as well as how to link them properly with a varied range of connecting words
  • How to avoid common mistakes

This course is limited to 10 participants, in order to ensure personalised attention.  Participants will be asked to provide samples of their writing prior to the workshop, so that the presenter can make specific comments.  An upper-intermediate or advanced level of English is required.

If you are interested in this workshop, please contact

Paulina Galaz, F: 56 2 22370 4106