Red English Language and Training SPA

Antonio Varas 175, oficina 402, Providencia

Fono: 56-950024446 / Facebook: @RedELTclasesdeingles / Instagram: red.elt_clases_de_ingles/ Linkedin: company/red-elt

Red ELT (English Language and Training) offers unparalleled English language tuition for individuals and companies. Courses are custom created by pedagogical experts and students are guaranteed to receive a well-prepared class from a well paid, professional teacher. With 20 years of teaching experience behind him, Kevin Towl (MSc TESOL), Academic Director and owner, set out to create a new type of model for English tuition. ‘We needed a way to ensure that our students did not repeat the ‘boom and bust’ learning cycles they had previously experienced. The best way to do this was to treat each course as unique, only hire qualified, experienced teachers and to make sure they were treated as professionals’ Red ELT offers a variety of study options and modalities and can be contacted at