The Commercial Area provides assistance to British businesses who want to open operations in Chile, with the aim of encouraging trade and investment between the UK and the most prosperous and stable economy in South America.

We develop different levels of support packages to suit different sectors and budgets of UK exporters. We offer tailored professional advice on market entry, setting up shop and meeting the right people.

If you need to contact us, Greg Holland, our General Manager be delight to assist you.


    Connecting you with the right people

    Our unrivalled market knowledge and robust network enables us to find the right people for your business


    Showcasing business sector opportunities

    We work with local and international partners to put together multi-day programmes including meetings, seminars, briefing sessions and networking events

    We also offer in country information and guidance.


    Our market insights and expansive network enable us to:

    Produce detailed market research projects

    Identify opportunities and potential business partners

    Facilitate communication & meetings between potential partners

Nuestros servicios

  • “We were very happy with the events and meetings organized in addition to the reports delivered.”

    Judith Osnaya, BSIGroup

    “Huge thanks for documenting so well the visit and the sum­maries of each meeting. An excellent service all round, thank you.”

    Steve Wright, EBP Source

  • “Very comprehensive, very understanding of the various elements of the market, and very thorough. I would say that this is the best
    O MIS that I have received.”

    James Whittek, Greens Best Ltd.